Monday, May 23, 2011

We're Back!

This post is a long, long, long time coming! I really haven't been feeling like blogging lately....however I know I'll be disappointed if I stop! So I'm going to fake it, until I enjoy blogging again!lol!

Much has been going on in our household. I guess the biggest event was our holidays. We returned a week ago from two weeks in sunny warm Florida. It was a great vacation and so very nice to have Howard with us for three weeks straight! We also had Howard's Mom come with us, which was really nice. The pictures I have added are from our family picture session at the Grand Floridian in Walt Disney World.

Our Miss Riley-roo turned 6 while we were in Florida. She had a blast getting hair, nails and makeup done with Addison at the Bibidibobidi Boutique and then dinning with her favourite princess at the Akershus Restaurant in Epcot. It amazes me that she is already 6!

I think our favourite day hands down, was getting away from the crowds at the park and heading to Clearwater Beach, near Tampa. The sand was like powder and the water was turquoise and warm, and it was a warm and sunny day. I think our next family vacation will be more beaches less theme parks! lol!

On the home front. We finally have an appointment for Addison with the pediatric liver specialist in Edmonton. I will be taking her on Friday to go see this doctor, with my sweet little girl and many questions in hand. It will be interesting to see what he has to say........ Its been a long wait and I just would like to move forward with whatever he decides to do, or not do. If that makes sense!?!

The kids are all doing really well. Addison had a fabulous time on her first family holiday. As much as she was happy to come home to her room and her stuff, she was asking the next day when our next holiday was!lol! We are working hard on her manners. Something I guess we would be doing with any 3 year old adopted or not. She had a few weeks of not sleeping well before our holiday's, but now she is back to being a lean mean sleeping machine.

I am hoping now that I have posted this post that I will back to posting weekly......we will see!


  1. I am so glad you are back. I have been checking to see the vacation photos... I will call you this weekend and hope it works to finally meet. Still praying that the doctors will do what is best to help Addison.

  2. Good to see an update from you! Can't wait to hear about Addison's appointment.



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