Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Addison

Over the weekend our Miss Addy turned 3. We had a quiet celebration as she and Riley were recovering from a nasty cold. We all had fun celebrating Addison's day, and she was tickled pink to receive a Kai Lan backpack on wheels (her suitcase, lol.) Its amazing to see how far we have all come in the few short months she has been home. We are so beyond blessed!

For me, her birthday was a day of reflection, prayer and thanksgiving. I reflected on who my sweet little girls biological mother is, prayed for her, and gave thanks to our heavenly father that this amazing woman chose to carry our sweet baby girl and place her somewhere safe so she could be found, and eventually placed in our arms. My heart broke for this woman who we will never meet. I can't imagine the strength it took for her to make such a heart wrenching decision.

Our amazing little Addy is growing in leaps and bounds. Its hard to keep up with all her progress. The girl can talk your ear off! She is such a trooper. Spreading joy and laughter wherever she goes.:)


  1. Happy birthday sweet Addy!!! Precious precious!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Addison! It is a day when there is so much to think about and pray for... so many emotions and unknowns! I am glad she got to spend her 3rd birthday with you all!

  3. Happy 3rd Birthday Addison!

    Is she ever precious, ...what a beautiful beautiful girl. I love her gorgeous almond eyes.

    So many emotions, so many unknowns. Only God knows, may He give her birth parents the peace to know she has an amazing family.

    I also love the precious look on her face when she's about to blow out the candles. And I love her dress too, so special.


  4. Aww! Happy birthday, beautiful!



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