Monday, March 21, 2011

Best Field Trip Ever!

Really the title says it all. When the rest of the school was at the ski hill, for a fun day, Nathan and his buddy got to go on their very own special field trip! Usually they would stay home for these days, as its no fun watching everyone else have fun up the hill. However this year both of the boys aides, planned a fun filled day! They even got out to walk a bit as it was so warm out! Here they are on the way to the Pioneer Museum.

One of our local businessman offered his "bat cave" for the boys to hang out at for the morning! Its like a "man cave" on steroids with many vintage cars a kitchen, XBOX 360 and theatre screen!

Nate was trying to tell me that he needed this car, and it was for sale for only $25,000! LOL!

Yep! Best field trip ever! Car racing!

we are so blessed to have amazing staff at our school who love our kids. We have attended school's where the staff is just there for the pay cheque. Not this school, they make an attempt to include all the students in fun days, even if that means planning a whole different trip for the kids who can't go up the ski hill. So thank you! You certainly made these boys day.:)


  1. How wonderful for these two special boys! What a field trip! A wonderful school for sure!
    In Christian Love,
    Grandma to 5

  2. It must be hard for them to be left out sometimes... it is great that they got to have a special day on their own.

    What is that man cave called? Are those cars for sale?

  3. Paige, they call it the bat cave, a local car dealer owns it....Ken Sargent, he owns the GM dealership in town. Yes some of the cars are for sale. I can get more info if you like? Are you in the market for a vintage muscle car for Tim?;)

  4. Aww, what wonderful boys. And how lucky for them to get to hang out at the 'bat cave'! Sounds absolutely perfect for these two boys!

    Those aides are THE BEST for organizing this!




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