Monday, July 18, 2011

June/July Update part 1

Junk food, painting & America's Funniest Home Videos Party the night before surgery:)

Nathan in traction, playing video games. these were taken with my iphone:(

Peace out! Those glasses were from a crayola set that Paige (a fellow blogger) dropped off, along with a whole lot of candy!lol! Thanks again for visiting us Paige!

Well we have had a busy little life recently! Lots to celebrate and a few roadblocks, however all is well in the Mervyn household:)

On June 15th (the only reason I can remember the date, is that it was my 32nd Birthday!) Nathan fell on his way into the garage, coming home from youth. He unfortunately broke his left femur. It was very a very serious fracture, Howard took him immediately to emerg. I followed as soon as my bestfriend arrived to watch the other kidlets. Once I arrived the first thing that we noticed was Nate's broken leg was at least 4X's the size of the other! We knew immediately that he would be air ambulanced to Edmonton, sure enough by 4AM the next morning Nathan and I arrived at the Stollery Children's Hospital. Nathan was suppose to have immediate (within 24hours) surgery to insert a rod into the femur, however once we got to the operating room, the orthopedic surgeon's realized they didn't have the right rods, so we would have to wait for 4 days for the right rod to arrive.

Nathan hung around in traction for four days and I hung out with him, while Howard came home to managed the rest of the troops! Nate had surgery 6 days after he broke his femur and we were happy to come home and recuperate!

Its funny the second I saw Nathan in emerg, the first thing that crossed my mind was to question God! And in a split second a verse shot across my mind.... We know that in all things that God works for the good of those who love Him, those whom he has called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28

That verse became our theme verse for our 10 day stay in the hospital! The people we met were amazing! I felt like we were exactly where God needed us. We got to minister to other families in need. Nathan and I prayed for strangers! We became so thankful for all of our too numerous to list blessings! When Nathan went in for surgery, Howard and I had such a great peace, it's cliche to say....but it was beyond our understanding!!! Our precious wonderful church family gathered around us in prayer and service. We arrived home to a sparkling clean home! With the fridge full of groceries and the freezer full of meals! Nathan's youth group made him cards. It was just all so humbling and amazing!

Nathan is now recovering slowly....he is having a difficult time with physio, and his doctor has threatened hospitalization again if he can't show progress. It is taking alot of my time helping him with this, and just his general personal care. He is now 70lbs and difficult to lift on and off the toilet! We have had to stay mostly at home, as he is so heavy for me to carry in and out of the house etc. I have been trying to have friends over to play with to break up the kids monotony. I have been a little bit happy that our summer weather has mostly consisted of rain and colder than average weather!lol!

It has become a bit tiresome for the other kids, to be stuck at home as well. They are not use to having me so busy with Nathan. I have to say though they are all so wonderful and caring! Its so great for us to see how much empathy they have for their brother. What a huge blessing all of our kids are! Its such a privilege to be their Mom!

We head back to Edmonton, for some more doctor consultations on Sunday, and will be extending the trip by a couple days to have some "city fun":) On a side note, this accident encouraged ( I don't know if thats the right word!?!) Howard to have a meeting with his bosses and negotiate some terms of his contract. He is giving them 6 months to find a maintenance run, near town! That will allow him to be home at a "regular" time and be here on the weekends!!! Right now he is filling in doing just that! So he is home at 5 o'clock and we have him on the weekends! All I can say is God is good! Even in the valley's....especially in the valley's!

I am hoping to update the blog a couple times in the next few days! We have had our 1 year Forever Family anniversary, Josh's birthday and the end of school, lots to write about:) Sorry I have been gone so long!


  1. It is about time!!! I have missed your posts. I wish we could visit again this coming week... but we are heading out on holidays... have a great time in Edmonton, it is one exciting place to be!

  2. Welcome back Kim!! I missed you!

    So glad to hear nathan is recovering so well again. When I read your FB status I totally thought "Oh man, right on Kim's birthday!" Anyway, the Lord is over all and just look, now you get more of Howard and that is great! I bet you and the kiddies are thrilled to have more of him.

    Happy Summer! And I'm anticipating more posts!


  3. You've been missed! So happy to hear that you saw God's goodness in the midst of the crazies. And really, really happy to hear that he's on the mend! :)




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