Sunday, August 28, 2011

Prentending this is July 13, 2011!

Well, I am almost 2 months late blogging this! However I felt it was important to capture the memories our family had on this most important day. On July 13, 2010 Addison Hope Guo Ying Mervyn, truly became a Mervyn! That is the day that she became legally part of our family forever. Howard and I look back at that day and feel wonder and amazement. That God would truly choose us to raise this most this brilliant, silly, cheeky,beautiful & caring little girl. She has been such a huge blessing to our family. People often say how lucky/blessed she is to have us. And I can never seem to convey how it is US that are the blessed ones!

Riley and Addison's relationship has grown and developed into a beautiful friendship. They are truly sisters! Which includes some throw down rip roaring fights. And beautiful loving quiet play times where they could never imagine disagreeing with one another.(:

The above picture, is about an hour after we met our sweet girl, for the first time.....she was terrified. And being completely honest for the first 6 months we would see a variation of that same face. At first it was several times a day, then once a day, then once every few days. Well you get the picture. I can honestly say I haven't seen this look of terror on her face in many months! She is truly coming into her own, with our family. She willingly shows us love and respect. Also she is more than willing to challenge us (in a healthy way.)

Our life feels normal.....not the same normal as before, but a better normal! A new normal that includes the most amazing little girl. We could not imagine our lives without our sweet little Addy girl.

Oh and if you noticed that our sweet Addy now is sporting some new bangs.....well she and her darling older sister (note the sarcasm!) decided to play hair dresser. She has bangs starting halfway back on her head! lol! We are trying to grow them out, but it could be take a very long time, with how slow her hair grows:)


  1. Hey, I love the bangs look!

    Happy One Year together, it is amazing how quickly the time flies by.

  2. What a joyful anniversary. And what a precious precious girl! She's absolutely beautiful and I really think she suits the bangs. Her hair is so gorgeous and thick.

    Happy 1 year together. I can guarantee that you will probably see huge changes in the next year too. I remember thinking it took about 18 months to see our girl totally and utterly without reservation.


  3. Finally! I have been waiting for an update....

    It sure does take time to see them become completely comfortable in a new place and family... every once and awhile you see it come back out... all that they have gone through.

    Sounds like the girls are having fun together... maybe a little too much fun!



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