Friday, May 7, 2010

So Blessed!

Okay so I don't really know how to form this post so I 'll just start typing and see where this goes! These pictures are of our oldest son Nathan. For those of you who don't know us that well...Nathan just turned 11 and was diagnosed a birth with osteogenesis imperfecta (brittle bone disease) He has had several surgeries in his 11yrs, more doctors appointments and hospital visits than I can count, and broken more bones than we were willing to keep track of. That being said when Nathan was born we were told by his doctors that Nathan would never situp, walk, or run. Our boy has proved them wrong with the intercession of prayer, and the IV medication he has been on since he was 3 months of age, Nathan is capable of doing all of these things! (he was in his wheelchair for safety this day) At birth we were told that Nathan broke nearly every bone in his body some in multiple places and he had healed fractures from inutero. Our boy has suffered with more physical pain than most people ever will in their lives. However he still rises above this and has a zest for life! And a passion for people.
Nathan's aid at school nominated Nathan for the Tri-City Tournament in our city. This is a fundraiser hockey tournament for children with disabilities in the public and catholic school districts. This fundraiser helps families who need to travel alot for medical intervention, or for something special for that child. This year we haven't needed to travel for surgeries etc. So Nathan gets pick something special out.
Yesterday the sponsors and organizers came to Nathan's school for a cheque/gift presentation during an assembly. And Nathan I am sure felt like he won the lottery:0) The sponsors were Future Shop, Costco, Ernies Sport Experts and Alliance Pipeline. Nathan received a brand new Flip video camera and $300 gift card from Costco, and $1000 cheque!!!

All Ican say is our family is humbled and amazed! Nathan was deliriously happy! I haven't seen a smile like that on his face in a long time! We are so very thankful to the organizer, sponsors and volunteers of this charity. Many families with kids with disabilities have expenses above and beyond what would be considered "normal" Which we never could have imagined or planned for. For our family it may not so much be the financial (although sometimes it is!) Its more the watching our brave strong boy suffer in pain daily (we should have stocks in Tylenol & Advil) and the emotional pain he suffers when he can't join in and play with friends because it would be too unsafe.The smile and excitement on his face when he received this huge blessing was almost more than this Mama could bear:0) I was feeling a little like we shouldn't need this "our life isn't bad" is what I kept saying to myself. Then I thought this is showing Nathan the love of God through other peoples hands! And what an amazing lesson that is! God loves our boy so much that He wanted to bless him with these gifts and so much more:0) I hope Howard and I can instill that in Nathan. That he can see that every good gift comes from above, it is not an accident; and when things are hard and Nate is in pain; that God has not forsaken him and is right there holding him in the palm of his hand!

I am not sure if I really got out in this post what I was hoping to, but it will be suffice. Our family is so thankful for this gift for Nathan. Thankful doesn't really even touch how we feel.The people involved in this charity have made one of my precious children's week alot brighter and for that I am very thankful. But, I do have to say if there is one more video made of my butt!!!! I may flush that video camera down the toilet!lol! Just kidding! Sheesh 11 yr old boy humor! Ha ha ha Mom has a butt! Finally we are so proud of Nathan.... he said to me last night "Mom, its not just me affected by my brittle bones is it?" I said "no not really Nate." He then decided that whatever he will get with his money it will be something both him and his siblings can enjoy!!! Sniff.... I am one proud Mama right now. I am amazed that he sees that his condition does affect his brother and sister! He is leaning toward a new computer with a touch screen as our families computer in really really old, or a flat screen T.V. for movie nights. We have a crappy old 32" t.v. and it still works but I guess when you are a boy big tv's are important! I will have to update once he decides on his big purchase!


  1. Wow, that is awesome! He sounds like an amazing boy who is maturing in attitude and outlook! You never know where he will go in life... who's life he may touch through all he has gone through and the changes he can make in other people's attitudes... I think he is one brave little man!

  2. What a handsome and brave boy. I am sitting here thinking, wow, he is simply amazing, a real miracle.

    And Paige said it well, you'll probably never know how many lives your Nathan will touch because of his bravery.

    The award is so special for him, and I'm sure he'll choose something great!


  3. Came over from NHBO.

    I was OK until the last paragraph where you shared how your son wanted to get something for the whole family with his gift card! *tears*

    Thank you so much for sharing.



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