Monday, December 6, 2010

Blood work

So I have been putting off having Addison's blood work done. I know bad mom! Our doctors weren't too concerned, so they said wait until she had settled in a bit. Today was the day....and it didn't go so well. I expected tears and crying, what I didn't expect was that it would take 6 "pokes" to get a vein so they could get the blood! And then they could only get 4 of the 6 viles filled! Blood work isn't something I even think twice about as we do it lots with Nate, but poor Addison was very very upset for hours after, we snuggled and talked and bought a Kai Lan toy, she had her favorite thing for lunch and still she was a mess all she wanted to do was be carried around. I was glad I chose today and not a day when Riley was home because my sweet little Miss needed ALOT of extra attention this morning :) which I was only more than happy to give. I will wait a while to get the other 2 blood tests done, and hopefully it will go much better next time!
Oh and how cute it that picture!?! It was the face I saw just about all morning today. Its a face we know well around here :) We see it usually when we say "No Addison you can't eat candy all day." I had to keep that picture around because it is just so gosh darn cute ;)


  1. I have been putting off Zoe's appointments so far too. With Lilah's bloodwork it was the same thing... many pokes and not enough blood. We had to lay on a table and I had to pin her down with my arms and legs... not fun! I hope Addy gets over it soon!

  2. No kidding, darn cute is right! I love little pouts, not all the time, but sometimes! ;)

    It's great she knows that you will comfort her through times like these.




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